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Talimena National Scenic Byway

Posted on 05 Jan, 2024 at 12:31 pm - by

Gear up to go on a journey, surrounded by dazzling views and breathtaking vistas of the Mountains at Talimena National Scenic Byway.  In this article we go through the Talimena Byway and the best time to visit Talimena Scenic Drive. So, buckle up and don your explorer hat as we swerve through this magnificent yet charming Byway!


Surrounding Area

The 54 Mile Talimena National Scenic Byway is a picturesque route, situated in southeast Oklahoma, the byway is well known around the globe for its spectacular surroundings that consist of piles of Foliage in the expansive mountainous ranges between the Appalachians and the Rockies. Expose yourself to panoramic views as you go on Talimena Scenic Drive and take in the heavenly forested peaks between Talihina, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Observe as the sun dips down the horizon, splashing hues of pink and orange and casting a warm glow over the area, resembling a scene from a movie. The driveway is lined with greenery of all kinds, trees and bushes that change colour every season.


The Journey

Start your Talimena Byway journey from the visitor information station 7 miles away from northeast of Talihina. You will then come across Choctow Vista at the West Side of Winding Stair Mountain of the Ouachita Mountain. This place will grant you views of the exquisite dark blue hills and valley around, continue your journey through a forest of lines with shortleaf the colour of rust and dark brown, and scrap oak. Take in the lush prairie grasses that resemble a bluestem. On the southern slopes of Ouchita Mountains east way lay are a garden of variety of plants, ranging from post oak to blackjack and serviceberry. The other side of the slope is dominated by oak, hickory, dogwood, and papaw. As you proceed further on, make sure to stop at Panorama Vista to provide your Picturesque Vistas of the towering mountains and Evergreen valleys. You can also catch vultures, Golden Eagles and Hawks soaring high above that glide through the sky. As you drive on, your next checkpoint will be Horse Thief Springs, where you’ll find a tale embedded deep in the fault lines of where the Ouachita mountains were cut off from the Appalachians. Drive along to your next stop at the crest of Rich Mountain. This place is surrounded by short oaks oak with tracks of severe storms and southerly winds. Bring your Talimena National Scenic Byway Journey at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. The park is nestled in the heart of a rustic stone lodge. This park is also where you can view the tallest point on the drive, Rich Mountain Find Tower (2,681 ft.).


The Byway Under Different Seasons

The best time to visit Talimena scenic drive is the fall season. Specifically, during the peak of fall foliage, where you can view pops of colours: warm browns, vibrant reds, and bright oranges. The colours seem like sprinkles on the leaves as they collect near trees, a perfect heaven. The view is a feast for the eyes, as one cannot help but marvel at the vistas. As spring approaches, the surroundings dress up in a different colour. The trees are like lush green fields and the mountains serving as the perfect backdrop for a serene painting. Winters slumber soon sets over the driveway, as the green now swaps with white. This winter wonderland gives a totally different vibe to the atmosphere, hence attracting visitors from around the globe. The green blending with white like swirls in a marble cake provides a serene getaway for all travellers. In the summer, the sun dominates, lighting up the whole landscape with its dizzying beams. The summer is the hottest time, hence the least popular time of the year for visit.


Food Spots Near the Byway

The byway is a natural haven with very few spots to eat, thus its recommended to carry your own food and drink supplies, but you may find a few eating places. The Queens Restaurant is one of the spots perhaps the only food option available. The restaurant serves lunch, breakfast, and dinner, hence making it the most popular spot. The restaurant offers a wide array of pies which will allow you to make worthwhile memories. Make sure to visit The Ouachita, where you can order coffee roastery, craft brewery, pizza, fries, and wings. Next up visit the skyline cafe that serves food with the comfort and warmth of home.

Conclusively, visiting the Talimena National Scenic Byway is like visiting a wonder of the world. One cannot help but ponder over the awe-inspiring beauty that resonates within the environment.

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